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Model: SS634      Name: Low cost OEM level transmitter

● CE conformity
● Protective cap included
● Stainless steel 316L diaphragm
● Hermetically sealed, IP 68 protection
● Piezoresistive technology, silicone oil filled
● Isolated construction, able to test various media
● Output signals: 4-20mA and 0-10V, 0-5V voltage output

SS634 series low cost OEM level transmitter is designed to give accurate current or voltage readings at pressure ranges from 100 mBar(corresponding to the water column depths of 1 meter). These sensors are mature products in SENDO to measure liquid level and depth for many years, their hermetically IP68 grade sealed housing makes them well suitable for immersion in almost all kinds of industrial liquids and oils compatible with stainless steel and viton.

The electrical connection is a special designed PU cable with air tube and the pressure connection part is an exposed 316L stainless steel corrugated diaphragm, no pressure port and no blocking problems, easy for daily maintenance. Typical applications including water and sewage treatment plants, water level monitoring at reservoirs, dams, down-hole water wells.

Installation and precautions

● The installation place should be easy to operation and fixing
● The installation place should be away from the inlet as far as possible
● The installation place should be away from the heat source as far as possible
● The installation place should be away from the vibration source as far as possible
● When installation, the metal probe should sink to the bottom of the container and fixed

Precautions for safety use

Clean the metal probe (sensor) regularly to avoid block the pressure port
● A SS 316L diaphragm is exposed in the front part of the sensor, any artificial touch is not allowed
● The cable is special waterproof designed, abrasion, puncture, and cut the cable is strictly prohibited
● The wiring should strict reference to the electrical connection, wrong wiring will cause damage to the sensor

Piezoresistive pressure transmitter
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