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Model: SS307      Name: Low cost ceramic pressure sensor

● Corrosion resistance
● Wider choice of measuring ranges
● Solid ceramic sensitive diaphragm
● Output signals: 4-20mA current signal
● Low cost, extreme extensive application range
● A wide range of pressure and electrical connections
● Thermally compensated, wide-range operating temperature


SS307 series low cost ceramic pressure sensor is designed based on the ceramic cell(Al2O3 96%) and works following the piezoresistive principle. The signal conditioning electronics are directly assembled on one side of ceramic diaphragm where the wheatstone bridge is screen printed, offer 4-20mA current output or voltage signal, the housing is made from stainless steel with a choice of internal O ring seals to select to ensure the product is suitable for a wide range of applications.

SS307 series has the excellent chemical immunity because of the ceramic material, is suitable for nearly all most media. Typical applications: pressure calibration, compressors, dispensers, refrigerator, locomotive braking systems, hydraulic and pneumatic system equipment, Industrial process measurement and control, etc.

Piezoresistive pressure transmitter
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