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Model: SS111      Name: low cost piezo-resistive pressure transducer

● Low cost, compact size
● Absolute pressure only
● Standard diameter 19mm
● High stability, high reliability
● Constant current or voltage supply
● Measure non-conductive, non-corrosive gas


SS111 series low cost piezo-resistive pressure transducer has the diameter 19mm and height 4mm only, a high stable piezoresistive silicon die is mounted in the stainless steel housing and protected by a transparent silicon gel layer to against the influence of the external environment. The pressure acts on the gel layer and then transfer the pressure to the chip, available from 6 bar to 25 bar (600 kpa to 2.5 mpa), not temperature compensated but still have a good performance.

Electrical connection is made via a five pin header, a PCB can be soldered directly to the header pins. Typical Applications: Barometric, meteorology, pneumatic control instruments, robotic, sanitary and pharmaceutical gases, air conditioning.

Pressure ranges (Typical)
Absolute(set absolute vacuum as reference) (Unit: bar)
0 to 6.0
0 to 10
0 to 16
0 to 25

Piezoresistive pressure transducer
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