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Model: SS110      Name: TO-5 type pressure sensor

● Vented gauge pressure
● Compact size Φ9.4 × 7.0mm
● High performance-price ratio
● Non-temperature compensated
● 5VDC, 10VDC constant voltage supply
● 1.0mA, 1.5mA constant current supply
● Measure non-conductive, non-corrosive gas


SS110 series TO-5 type pressure sensor utilizes a high performance piezoresistive silicon chip as the sensing element, packing sensor as TO-5 type for easy pressure connection. The measured pressure is transfered onto the silicon chip through pressure port directly, and the pressure value can be transformed into output voltage signal by linearity relationship.

SS110 series offers constant current supply or constant voltage supply, is suited for direct-mounting on printed circuit boards or small space fields to measure vented gauge pressure for non-conductive, non-corrosive gas.

Pressure ranges (Typical)
Vented gauge(set the atmospheric pressure as reference) (Unit: bar)
0 to 0.35
0 to 1.0
0 to 2.5
0 to 4.0
0 to 6.0
0 to 10
0 to 16
0 to 25

Piezoresistive pressure transducer
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