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Low pressure transducer for industrial application | SS330 series | Sendo Sensor


SS330 series low pressure transducer is a piezoresistive silicon based sensing device with high repeatability and low pressure hysteresis measurements. The silicon chip is isolated from the pressure media by a thin stainless steel membrane and silicone oil fill. The high sensitivity of silicon semiconductor strain gauges facilitates low pressure ranges down to as low as 0 to 100 mbar and because of the metal capsule construction it is compatible with wet media.

The SS330 series can be modified according to customer specific requirements. It is calibrated and temperature compensated and offers different amplified analogue output signals. With a wide choice of outputs as well as both electrical and pressure connections, our low pressure range covers a range of applications such as airflow and air consumption, ventilation and HVAC, calibration, wind tunnel, cleanroom control, draught measurement.

SS331 series low pressure transducer uses a highly linear exposed piezoresistive silicon element to measure the pressure of air, gases and non-aggressive low viscosity fluids. Using an exposed silicon diaphragm increases its sensitivity and improves the performance at very low pressures, and intended for industrial OEM applications that require the low pressure measurement of dry and non-corrosive liquids and gases.

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