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high temperature pressure transducer and the application


Pressure measurement plays a central role in many applications - from machine tooling to process engineering to manufacturing and processing food and beverages. Sometimes the process temperature in these applications exceeds the limits of pressure instrumentation, which can make it difficult to accurately monitor, measure, and control pressure.

The trick is to ensure that the process is cooled before reaching the pressure measuring device. There are generally two different methods used to protect the pressure transmitter and/or the pressure switch from high temperatures: cooling elements and standoff piping. SENDO SENSOR provide "cooling elements" to protect the pressure devices from extreme temperatures.

cooling element is an accessory that puts some distance between the transmitter and the heat of the process. Cooling elements are a great way to protect the transmitter from high temperature processes, acting as a heat sink, which cools the process before it reaches the transmitter. Cooling elements can extend the maximum process temperature of pressure transmitters from 185 °F (85 °C) up to 572 °F (300 °C). The below pics are different transducers integrated with different pieces of cooling fins.

High temperature ressure sensor for industrial application
High temperature ressure sensor with flush connection
High temperature pressure sensor for industrial application
High temperature pressure sensor with flush connection

Ambient temperature

What will be the range of temperatures surrounding the pressure transmitter where it is installed? This is an important consideration when dealing with high temperature processes or surrounding environments. In applications where the process temperature is high, it is possible to use a pressure transmitter with a built-in cooling mechanism. This cooling mechanism often relies on the conduction and dissipation of heat to the surrounding air around the pressure transmitter. Therefore it is essential the ambient air temperature is lower than the process temperature. Also since the rest of the pressure transmitter connected to the cooling component is not protected from high temperatures, the ambient temperature should be lower than the device operating temperature range. This will ensure an efficient heat sink and protect the electronic components from thermal damage.

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