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Pressure sensor for agriculture control


Hi Sendo Sensor, I am working on a design project that will be needing a pressure sensor, and am looking for some advise to see what you would recommend of your products for my application. Our company builds highly accurate control products for use in agriculture, and we are expanding our product line into liquid fertilizer control.

I am looking for a low cost pressure sensor to integrate into our control module. Currently I am comparing various stainless sensors and ceramic sensors, but I believe that either would work in my application. I would be looking for a 0-100 psi range. One question that I do have for my application is if I would be able to apply epoxy directly to the back of the sensor to seal and hold it, or does it need some room to flex? It appears that your PS100 or SS103 would work in our application, but I am unsure of which would be best and most cost effective. Thanks

Solution: PS100 Series ceramic pressure sensor

1, For PS100 series, you can't seal the epoxy directly with the sensor body. you need some room, please see the below pic.
ceramic pressure transducer 10bar
ceramic pressure transducer

2, For SS100 and SS103 series, it is ok to seal with epoxy directly.

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