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Pressure sensor for ammonia


Hi Sendo Sensor, i am looking for a pressure sensor, here is what I need:

- low cost pressure sensor (maybe like your SS208)

- Must be stainless as we are sensing the pressure of ammonia

- 0 - 100 psi range

- 5 VDC supply voltage

- Output signal .5-4.5 volts

What do you have in mind for this project?

Solution: SS208 series low cost pressure sensor

SS208 series piezoresistive pressure sensors are the premium products of the SENDO OEM-line, it is a very classic sensor used in air, water, oil and other media compatible with stainless steel 316L, smart size, beautiful appearance, light weight only about 60g, all these make the SS208 series suitable to the applications with limited space and weight.

SS208 series are designed with all stainless steel structure, no elastic rubber component is used for sealing inside, a high performance piezoresistive pressure transducer is assembled in the housing, giving excellent long-term stability. The flexible pressure sensor programme covers absolute, sealed gauge and vented gauge versions, measuring ranges from 0- 15psi to 3000psi and a wide range of pressure and electrical connections. 

Typical applications: automotive: monitor the oil pressure, fuel pressure and brake system, HVAC/R: monitor system performance for proper environmental control, air compressors: monitor compressor performance.

Pressure sensor for ammonia
stainless steel pressure sensor for ammonia
Pressure sensor for ammonia
stainless steel pressure sensor for ammonia

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