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Ceramic pressure sensor in hydraulic controller


Hell Sendo Sensor
we are Hydraulic components Manufacturer. we presenlty produce 40000 minipower pack per year. we are currently developing a Mechatronic Controller for our devices.we need to introduce PS100 ceramic pressure sensor in our main controller: there is no room for conventional pressure sensors, thus we will use a pressure capsule. the fluid is alway OIL, generally an ISO VG46 Hydraulic Oil, Temperatures: Oil temperature is from -10 + 90°C : do you see thermal drift problems? environment: consider our is normally generating heat: so for the capsule, environment is NOT influent. our devices are normally used in -20 + 50°C applications.

please we need offer for 500, 1000, 5000 pcs a year. we also need prototype (10 pcs), please inform if we can purchase from you or do you have a dealer in Europe? we also need recommendations for mechanical assembly of the pressure capsule: presently we do not have mechanic limits to respect. do you have some recommendation for installation and use of the ceramic capsule?


Ceramic pressure sensor
PS100 ceramic pressure sensor

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