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How pressure transmitters work


Pressure transmitters are commonly used for industrial processes and they are used to gauge the pressure and control the operation of industrial equipment. Pressure transmitters can sense physical variables such as pressure and flow-rate. This can be brought into existence due to the differential measurements.

A pressure transmitter contains a pressure sensor that can process fluids and calculate an output. This output will be the answer to pressure applied on it by the fluid.

What is an isolation system? – A pressure sensor can combine with a process fluid due to an isolation system. The isolating system comprises of an isolation diaphragm. During this process, there is no physical contact between the isolation fluid and the process fluid. This extends from the pressure sensor to the isolation diaphragm.

Isolation diaphragm- An isolation diaphragm is important as it separates the pressure sensor from any corrosive process fluids. During this process, pressure passes from the isolation diaphragm to the sensor. All these pressures pass through an incompressible isolation fluid which is then carried in the passageway.

Differential pressure – The pressure difference between two process pressures is measured by a differential pressure transmitter. A differential pressure transmitter requires two connections to the process fluid. This type of pressure transmitter measures the gage or absolute pressure of a processing fluid. It needs a single union with the process fluid chamber. This differential pressure transmitter comprises of a main body that has an internal enclosure. This internal enclosure contains a measurement chamber which can hold a pressure transducer. Differential pressure sensors are mainly used to measure small pressure differences over an absolute pressure range.

Differential piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor
Low cost differential pressure transmitter
Differential piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor
Low cost differential pressure transmitter

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