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Ceramic pressure sensors for agriculture applications


Hello, we are a product design and development firm building Internet of things applications for consumer electronics and industrial automation. We are presently developing smart agricultural sensors for a client in Germany. After review of your website, I would like to inquire about your range of pressure transducers. We require transducers for an agricultural application in significant quantities.

Application: We are to interface tensiometers with our sensors electronically. We therefore require a low cost pressure transducer with the following specifications: Pressure range: 0 - 200 KPa; Proof Pressure: 1.5* F.S; Burst Pressure: 2.0*F.S; Accuracy: 1%  F.S; Pressure Connection: 1/4 NPT male; Electrical Connection: Hirschmann; Sealing Rating: IP65; Housing: Stainless Steel; Input Voltage: Ideally we need a transducer that requires input voltage of the range of 10 V DC but let us know the options you can offer, however the aforementioned characteristics are of the prime importance.; Current requirement: The ideal transducer should not be drawing more than a few mA of current, let us know the options you can offer.; Output : Ideally we are looking at One wire, I2C, 4-20 mA, RS232 output or any of the like.; Let us know of all the options you can offer with data sheets, quotations, samples option if available etc.

Looking forward to a quick and favorable response from you.

Solution: recommend to SS307 Series Ceramic Pressure Transmitter

Ceramic Pressure Transmitter

Applications: 1,Pressure calibration; 2,Compressors, dispensers; 3,Refrigerator, locomotive braking systems; 4,Hydraulic and pneumatic system equipment; 5,Industrial process measurement and control

Features: 1,Corrosion resistance; 2,Wide measuring range; 3,High stability and reliability; 4,Reverse polarity protection


Supply Voltage
Output Signal
4 to 20mA
Pressure Range
0 to 200KPa
Proof Pressure
1.5 × F.S.
Burst Pressure
2.0 × F.S.
Zero thermal Drift
<3% of the end of scale from 0 to 70°C
Operating Temp
-20 to 80°C

Machanical Configurations

Pressure Connection
1/4" NPT
Electrical Connection
Sealing Rating
Stainless Steel

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