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Parameters for piezoresistive pressure transmitter


There are many types of pressure sensors, and its performance are also quite different, how to choose more suitable and economic sensors ? here is the detail:

piezoresistive pressure transmitter 4-20mA
piezoresistive pressure transmitter 4-20mA

1, Rated pressure range
Rated pressure range is a predetermined value to meet the standard pressure range. the sensor in line with the provisions of the operating characteristics. In practical applications the pressure measured should within this rated range.

2, The maximum pressure range
The maximum pressure range is the maximum pressure the sensor can long time endure, and does not cause a permanent change in the output characteristics. Generally, the maximum pressure is 2-3 times the highest rated pressure.

3, Damaged pressure
The damage pressure is the maximum pressure the sensor can be processed without damaged the sensor element or sensor housing.

Linearity is defined as within the operating pressure range, the maximum deviation from the linear relationship between the sensor output and pressure.

5.Pressure Hysteresis
At the room temperature and within the pressure range, approaching a certain pressure from the minimum operating pressure and maximum operating pressure, the difference between the sensor output.

6. Temperature Range
Pressure sensor temperature range is divided into the compensated temperature range and operating temperature range. Compensated temperature range, is due to the application of temperature compensation, precision/accuracy can stay in the nominal range. Operating temperature range, ensure that the pressure sensor can work in the temperature range.

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