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How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor(accuracy and temperature compensation)


3, What kind of accuracy sensors need. Accuracy is a term used to describe the sensors' output error, these errors may be derived from non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability, temperature, zero balance, calibration and humidity effects. Typically, the accuracy is specified as non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability combined effects.

For examples, sendo ss2xx series pressure sensor is a kind of low cost pressure sensor, offer 1% in the room temperature. (see pic1). Another application is for industrial, sendo ss3xx series industrial pressure sensor with a better accuracy with 0.5%, these sensors are suitable for almost all kind of environment,for example, high temperature, moist, for ocean depth measurements, groundwater monitoring ect.  (see pic2).

analog stainless steel pressure sensor
analog industrial pressure sensor
pic1:  ss2xx series analog stainless steel pressure sensor
pic2 : ss3xx series analog industrial pressure sensor

4, Temperature resistance performance of the sensor. Pressure sensors, like all physical devices systems, will get an error in extreme temperature conditions or even not working. Generally speaking, each sensor will have two temperature ranges, working temperature and compensation temprature. Compensation range is included in the scope of work.

The operating temperature is within this range, the sensor can be exposed  to the medium without damage. However, this does not mean that the performance can reach the nominal specifications when the temperature is out of compensation (temperature coefficient).

Temperature compensation range is generally a period within the working range, more narrow. Within this range, the sensor can be ensure the nominal specifications. Changes in temperature affect the sensor in two ways: One is zero drift, the second is the impact of the output of the entire range. Usually the temperature range is room temp to 70°C, and also may require further compensation from -30 to 120°C.

Sendo sensor offer typical wider temperature compensated range from 0 to 70 °C, and the working temperature can be -20 to 100 °C, some types of our sensor can work from -40 °C to 300 °C(SS303 series miniature high temperature pressure sensor)(see pic 3), and sensors desgined with all stainless steel structure without o-ring can work under -40 °C(oem pressure sensors for industrial application )(see pic 4)

High temperature pressure sensor
oem pressure sensors for industrial application
pic 3: high temperature pressure sensor
pic4: oem pressure sensors for industrial application

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