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How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor(pressure range and tested medium)


How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor (pressure range and tested medium)

To choose the right piezoresistive pressure sensors, first we must know the technical specifications of the pressure sensor, such as pressure range, accuracy, output signal, pressure connection, cable length, temperature compensation, impedance.

1, How to choose the pressure range of the sensor. The first thing need to consider is the maximum pressure in your system, generally, the require pressure sensors should reach the 1.5 times the maximum pressure value on your system. We recommend these extra pressure range because many systems, particularly water treatment and process control, have pressure spikes, or successive pulses. These spikes may reach "maximum" pressure five times or even ten times, and can cause damage to the sensor. Continuous high-pressure pulse, close to or more than the maximum rated pressure sensor will shorten the life of the sensor. But just improve the rated pressure sensor is not a surefire plan, because it would sacrifice sensor resolution. You can use the bumper to weaken the spike, but this is only a compromise, because it will reduce the response time of the sensor.So you need to find a compromise solution between system performance and sensor life time.

SS301 and SS302 series oem pressure sensor from sendo sensor is designed with typical overload 2FS within the pressure range. And for water treatment, resistant to cavitation,liquid hammer and pressure peak, need a higher overload, SS304 and SS305 series industrial pressure sensor meet the 4 times FS.

industrial pressure sensor
oem pressure sensor
SS305 industrial pressure transmitter
SS302 oem pressure sensor

2, Pay attention to the tested medium. Is there will be a viscous liquid or slurry material on the pressure connection or in the pressure hole ? the media in contact with the sensor whether it is solubility or corrosive or clean dry air, these are also important factors affecting the choice of materials and structures.

Sendo sensor offer three kind of piezoresistive pressure transducers, one is silicon type, isolated structure with oil filled. One type is ceramic pressure sensor, and the last one is stainless steel strain gauge diaphragm pressure sensor, for slurry, cement, crude oil

ceramic pressure sensor
flush diaphragm pressure sensor
SS307 ceramic pressure sensor
SS402 flush diaphragm pressure transmitter

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