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4-20 mA Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Model NO.: SS311 Series


1, Output signals: 4 - 20 mA

2, All stainless steel 316L structure

3, Sealed gauge and absolute pressure

4, Piezoresistive pressure sensor, oil filled

5, Pressure ranges: 10bar, 16bar, 25bar, 40bar

6, Isolated construction, able to test various media

7, Wider temperature compensation range -10-70°C

8, AK Fluids US silicon oil, good bio-compatibility, nontoxicity

9, No external electronics for compensation or signal processing

10, Standard diameter Ø19mm, extremely easy to integrated in overall systems

11, Hermetically protected sensor electronics-extremely resistant to environmental influences


SS311 series 4-20mA Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Sensors combines a piezo-resistive pressure sensor with -40…105°C capable signal conditioning in one compact, easy-to-integrate package. The SS311 series 4-20mA miniature pressure transmitters utilize high-stability piezoresistive pressure sensors and innovative digital signal processing. Now, both pressure sensor and signal processor are integrated into a miniature, hermetically-sealed housing no larger than was once required for the sensor only! The entire pressure transmitter is embedded within a hermetically-sealed, oil-filled housing, but that this transmitter can then be seamlessly integrated into the OEM product, achieving cost savings and system performance not possible with other, conventional technologies.