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Piezoresistive Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model NO.: SS309 series


1, CE  conformity

2, Reverse polarity protection

3, Pressure connection: G1/2" typical

4, Zero and span adjustable is optional

5, All stainless steel integrated structure

6, Stainless steel 316 diaphragm, silicon oil filled


SS309 piezoresistive differential pressure transmitter utilizes a piezoresistive differential pressure transducer sensing element with stainless steel isolated diaphragm, silicon oil is filled in between die and two diaphragms. The measured differential pressure is transmitted onto the die through the diaphragm and silicone oil. The signal output generated by the piezoresistive bridge sensor is amplified into a useable voltage or 4-20mA output signal. It is used for differential pressure measurement of petroleum, chemical industry, power station and hydrology, etc.