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Isolated pressure transducer

Model NO.: SS102 series


1,mV output signal

2,Standard size Ø19*10mm

3,Stainless steel 316L housing

4,Stainless steel 316L diaphragm

5,Wider temperature compensation range 0-80degC

6,Absolute, gauge and sealed gauge pressure is optional

7,Isolated construction, oil filled, able to test various media

8,Constant power supply 1.0mADC, 1.5mADC, 5VDC, 10VDC


SS102 Series media isolated pressure transducers have a height 10mm with 19mm diameter, available from 10kpa to 2.5mpa. This piezoresistive cell is isolated construction and temperature compensated, use a high-stability silicon chip which is protected by 316L stainless steel diaphragm and silicon oil. The applied pressure acts on stainless steel diaphragm, then pass to the silicon chip through silicon oil. SS102 and SS100 series media isolated pressure sensor have the same performance only except the height. Typically application in level measurement, industrial process control, gas and liquid pressure measurement