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Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Model NO.: PS100


1,High accuracy and high stability

2,Wide choice of measuring ranges

3,Solid ceramic sensitive diaphragm

4,Smart volume, easy for encapsulation

5,Excellent shock and vibration resistance

6,Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance

7,Low cost, extreme extensive application range

8,Thermally compensated, wide-range operating temperature


PS100 series ceramic pressure sensor mv output is a dry-type ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensor made of the material ceramic Al2O3 96% by special technology, work following the piezoresistive principle, the wheatstone bridge is screen printed directly on one side of the ceramic diaphragm and the diaphragms’ opposite side can be exposed directly to the medium to be measured. Ceramic is a recognized material of high elasticity, corrosion and abrasion resistance, strong shock and vibrant resistance, no additional protection is normally required, and the thermal stability can make its operating temperature up to -40~125ºC.

PS100 series have the characteristic of small dimension, 18 mm diameter, 6.35 mm thickness,  2~400bar range, high performance-price ration, it has been widely used in various pressure-measuring occasion. Typical applications: process control, environment control, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic equipment, servo valve and drive, chemical products, chemical industry, medical instrument, and other fields.