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0-10V Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Model NO.: PS100E02


1,High accuracy and high stability

2,Wide choice of measuring ranges

3,Solid ceramic sensitive diaphragm

4,Smart volume, easy for encapsulation

5,Excellent shock and vibration resistance

6,Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance

7,Low cost, extreme extensive application range

8,Thermally compensated, wide-range operating temperature


PS100E02 series voltage ceramic pressure sensors are designed to offer 0.5% accuracy with low cost price, available with various voltage output signals such as 0-10V, 0-5V, the body and diaphragm of ceramic thick-film pressure sensor is made of a high-tech ceramic AL2O3. The sensor is fully temperature compensated and guarantees a residual temperature effect inside the operating temperature range within 0.02%FS/°C, this feature results in a very stable sensor under very harsh conditions.