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flush pressure transducer

Model NO.: SS115 series


1, Typically G1/2” connection

2, Stainless steel 316L diaphragm

3, Piezoresistive pressure sensor, oil filled

4, Constant supply: 5VDC, 10VDC, 1.0mA, 1.5mA

5, Wider temperature compensation range 0-80°C

6, Isolated construction, able to test various media

7, Absolute, gauge, sealed gauge pressure is optional


SS115 series flush diaphragm pressure transducer designed by piezoresistive sensor technology, the silicon chip is protected by 316L stainless steel and silicone oil filled in the isolated housing, meet “clean in place” (CIP) and “sterilize in place” (SIP) maintenance procedures demand, typically for use in food, process and industrial applications where the media is either viscous, or is otherwise liable to block the port of a conventional pressure transducer with a recessed diaphragm or pressure port. SS115 series flush mount pressure transducers available with low pressure pressure measurement, the pressure available from -1bar to 400bar. Working temperature from -20 to 80°C