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mV output signal

SS122 series vented gauge submersible pressure level transducers developed with piezoresistive silicon technology, are all stainless steel construction with oil filled, hermetically sealed with IP68 grade, application in level measurement for water and also a number of corrosive applications

Model Number:SS122 series

1, All stainless steel construction, hermetically sealed

2, Pressure range: 0.05 up to 20 bar, 0.5m to 200m

3, Vented PE cable with IP68, various cable lengths

4, AK Fluids US silicon oil, good bio-compatibility

5, Various power supply: 1.5mADC, 5VDC, 10VDC

6, SS316L diaphragm, protective cap included

7, Piezoresistive silicon sensor high stability

8, Pressure ranges in gauge or absolute

9, Output signals: mV voltage output

10, No on-site calibration requirement
11, Lightning protection is optional

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