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4-20mA output signal

Model Number: SS307 series
1, Rugged stainless steel body
2, OEM Pressure Sensor with ceramic thick film
3, Current output signal 4 -20mA

Model Number: PS100E03 series
1, Piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor
2, Current output signal 4 -20mA

SS307 and PS100E03 series Common Features
1, Thick film ceramic sensor
2, Minimum pressure:15psi/100Kpa/1bar
3, Maximum pressure:8700psi/60Mpa/600bar
4, Strong shock resistance
5, Full-range laser calibration
6, Solid ceramic sensitive film
7, High accuracy and high stability
8, Wide-range operating temperature
9, Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance
10, Supply voltage: 12-36V, output signal: 4-20mA

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