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SS305 series piezo-resistive oem pressure sensors are designed with 4*FS to 6*FS high overload, all stainless steel structure with laser welding housing, no elastic sealing, typical application for the severe industrial field, 2 wires 4-20mA output, 3 wires 0-5v voltage output signal, with 10bar, 16bar 25bar, 40bar gauge pressure.

SS305 series OEM Pressure Transmitters

1, 4*FS to 6*FS high overload, resistant to

cavitation, liquid hammer and pressure peaks

2, Minimum pressure:1.5psi/10Kpa/0.1bar

3, Maximum pressure:870psi/6Mpa/60bar

4, Stainless steel 316 diaphragm

5, All stainless steel integrated structure

6, Electrical connections: DIN43650A, Direct Cable
7, Pressure types: Gauge, sealed gauge and absolute
8, Output signals: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V

9, Pressure connections(can be customized):
1/4"NPT,1/8"NPT, G1/4", G1/2, PT1/4", PT1/2"

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